William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: a new hope for fans

It’s May 4th, or as we nerds say. it’s Star Wars Day! I thought I’d celebrate by brushing off a review I did a couple of years ago. May the 4th be with you! I’m a part of the Star Wars generation. The original movie came out the summer I turned 12. Back in 1977 … Continue reading “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: a new hope for fans”

Shakespeare & Star Wars? Not so much

Get thee once more to a Galaxy far, far away Let me start by saying I’m a Star Wars fan. So much so that I waited until May 4th, Star Wars day to read Ian Doescher’s second installment of his William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series, The Empire Striketh Back. This like his first, William Shakespeare’s … Continue reading “Shakespeare & Star Wars? Not so much”