Cleaning my shelves and surfing the net

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read from my TBR bookshelf as much as possible; in the past I have really only managed to add to it, not subtract from it. I am happy to report I am making some progress though not as much as I had hoped. I keep getting good recommendations from friends and wouldn’t you just know it, I end up getting these new titles sent to me via Paperback Swap.
Another resolution I made regarding books is to go through my bookshelf with a critical eye; if a book has been sitting on a shelf for over two years, it needs to go. See in the past, if I found a book uninteresting I would put it back to try again at a later time. Many times the book would “click” with me the second time around, but I am finding I am keeping books after a second and third try. This year I vowed to be brutal in my attempt to clean my shelf. I have already traded several of my unread books and plan to continue with my vow of a brutal attack to clean out my bookshelf, after all a clean shelf needs new books!

Speaking of brutal, our company seems to be winding down; as if our company is its death throes. We are not getting any building contracts as businesses are no longer coming to Nevada in droves looking for new buildings. It is a scary time, and very boring for me. Since the three owners are not doing much, I am not doing much; as their executive secretary, I only have things to do when they do. What is a bored woman to do? Play on the internet! I have spent a lot of time doing things I never thought I would do at work; read The Huffington Post, answer stupid questions on Yahoo Answers, etc. Once my paper work is done (which sadly now takes just a couple of hours) I am free to stare out the window or become an expert web surfer.

While on the internet the other day I logged onto my page at I like this site because of its reader’s forum. Readers post questions to each other; I have found some intelligent conversations on this site. I posted a question asking readers for biography recommendations. One lady named Hava answered and invited me to visit her non-fiction review site. I did and instantly felt at home. Here you will find a blog reviewing non-fiction books and an interesting take on working in a library. I highly recommend Hava’s blog.

Yes I would rather be working hard with little time to check my e-mail much less surfing the web, but the way things are going in our business I am grateful to have found blogs like Hava’s and sites like Book-Blog .

How about you? Do you keep books even when they no longer seem interesting or you wonder why you bought it in the first place?

When you are surfing the web, what book related sites do you visit? Why? Help me find new places to visit while I still have a job, or give me something to look at in between sending out resumes.

Author: sarij

I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning my shelves and surfing the net”

  1. I am trying to keep better track this year of all the books that come into the house. I kept a list last year, but it was all over the place. This year I’m much more organized–although I’ve fallen behind in updating it.I recommended Paperback Swap to a coworker the other day. She is looking for a more economical way to get books and I instantly thought of PBS. I figure enough of my online friends like it that I can safely recommend it even though I don’t use it myself. :-)It sounds like you are making progress on your TBR bookshelf, even if not as much as you’d like. It’s hard to ignore all those great recommendations, isn’t it?Every once in awhile, I go through my shelves and weed out the books I know I am no longer interested in reading. It’s hard though because I hate to give away a book. Who knows when I may decide I want to read it after all? With the upcoming move (even though it’s two-three maybe more years away), I really should start thinking about it more. Think of all the boxes of books I am going to have to pack and move!I was sorry to hear about your company. At least you are putting your downtime to good use. Work time does seem to go by slower though when you don’t have much work to keep you busy, I’ve found. When I am surfing the web, I am mostly visiting other book blogs. I subscribe to quite a few in my google reader and that keeps me pretty busy. Some are more interesting than others depending on the topic. I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers quite a bit.


  2. I love PBS. I hope your coworker finds it helpful. As for your move, I can tell you by experience that books are some of the most expensive items on moving companies lists. I have had to get rid of a library as I would have had to pay hundreds of dollars to move my books. Depending on how far you are moving, you might want to start weeding them out. If you are moving yourself, then just start collecting boxes. I like copy paper boxes. They are sturdy and can hold quite a few books.


  3. I can just imagine all the boxes of books! 🙂 We’ll be staying local since we both have our jobs. We’ll be doing the moving ourselves. It wouldn’t even cross my mind to hire someone to do it. I suppose if we were moving cross country maybe. Last time we moved, we had friends and family to help out. I’ve already talked a couple of my friends into loaning us their kids when the time comes. Those teenagers come in handy, especially when they’re looking for some extra cash. 🙂


  4. Really, throw away a book after two years being untouched? You should reconsider. You never know when you might need or want to have a look at it. I only swap books that I know for certain that I will never read again, because I didn’t like them or because after reading once I had enough of them so to speak. Apart from book blogs and groups that review and talk about the same genre I do, I visit BookBlogs, Shelfari and a German swap site. I think Shelfari is pretty neat to organize your virtual shelf.


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