Barnes & Nobel and Buddha Fingers

This week found me in want of news to share. I was busy doing a paper on American myths, which by the way I ended up getting an A+ on. We also had Thanksgiving and I did something I have not done in two years; I decorated the house for Christmas, including putting up outside lights. This may be the last year my son Alex is home so I thought I would go all out for him. I am glad I did for he is very pleased with my efforts.

Today as planned we headed to Reno’s Barnes and Nobel. As we pulled up I was dismayed to see the almost empty parking lot. We went in, and guess what? No vampire book was in sight! Instead we were met with tables of new releases, Christmas books (I was disappointed that no Hanukah books were displayed) and assorted stocking stuffing goodies. Alex and I parted as I headed for the bargain section. I looked around at the customers, though there were not many each had more than one book in hand. Good news for you book sellers! People were actually buying books.
I wanted a book about tea but did not find any so I asked one of the many clerks (I think there were more clerks than shoppers). She was very kind and helped me look and to my amazement found the exact book I wanted. Oh to be able to go into a store and find what I needed! Since I was not shopping for myself I did not look to see if they carried the complete King collection or if they had every Rushdie book. Instead I asked Alex if he found everything he was looking for. All but one he said, and yet he found others he thinks I will like. I did find the Twilight section; it was in the back near the YAs along with other vampire books. By the way their YA section looks really good, Borders does not have such section. All in all we had a nice time and we will return.

We visited the Whole Food store; was I ever in heaven! I have not been to a Whole Food store in years. I bought a lot of produce and joked that I wanted a Whole Foods gift card. Guess what, they have them! I have told my family this is what I want for Christmas, yes I know it may seem strange, but to me a gift card for Whole Foods would be a great treat.

It was in Whole Foods that I found the Buddha Finger fruit. It smells like a lemon sprinkled with sugar. The fruit was a little pricy but I bought it thinking it would take the place of several lemons. After some internet searching it turns out the fruit does not have much flavor or meat. It seems it is all skin. The fruit originates in China and was used as part of a bath cleansing ritual. It can be candied so this week I will attempt to make candied Buddha finger. That or I will make citric zest out of it.

This month I finished 10 books, which is a record for me. Between school and work I have not been able to sit down and read for long periods of time for quite a while. Maybe the colder weather has something to do with this.
Here are my reads for the month:

The Real Middle Earth Brian Bates
Entering Torah Reuven Hammer
Between a Bridge and a River Craig Ferguson
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight unknown
The Jesus Papers Michael Baigent
Deliverance Dane Katherine How
Medieval Tales Translated by Jennifer Westwood
A short History of Myth Karen Armstrong
Great Feuds in Science Hal Hellman

Not sure what December will bring but starting in January I am challenging myself to read the many medieval history books I have on my TBR pile. What are your reading plans for 2010?

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