Sunday Weekly rant, I mean wrap up

Well another week has flown by! Can’t even tell you what I did this week; it seems we jumped from Christmas to the New Year in a flash. Thankfully the days are getting longer and soon spring with be upon us. We had record snow this winter, we needed the moisture but I will be glad when all the snow is gone. It is pretty at first, but now we have gray sludge all over town.

Saturday night I watched the wonderful David Tennat as The Dr. in Dr. Who, die and in his place a rather young looking man. I feel as if Harry Potter turned into the Dr. I do not see myself watching this show anymore. Guess this is a sign of age. Speaking of age, I started Susan Fraser’s Stone Maiden. Fraser was kind enough to e-mail me after I reviewed Lady Macbeth and offered this title as my next read. I have to be honest and say, historical romance is not my cup of tea. I know millions of people (women) love it, but I am finding the story rather silly and predictable. My friends who read this genre tell me that the fun of these books is not in their storylines rather it is fun to” watch” the two main characters get together. I don’t know, the dialog is silly and the heroine is far too stubborn to garner sympathy from me. She has an ideal man in her mind and of course the warrior sent to marry and save her clan is not the exact type of man she is looking for; of course I know by books end he will be. Someone should have told her you cannot always get what you want but you get what you need. Oh how well I am learning this!

I want to stay away from doctors but what I need is heart surgery. Tomorrow I am going to San Francisco for some extensive testing in order to determine what kind of heart surgery and when. I really want to be in denial but will face up to my problem and see the doctors in order to solve my problem. While I am there I will visit some familiar places; I grew up near the Bay Area and miss many of its sights and sounds. I will have dinner at Fisherman’s Warf (of course it will be a seafood dinner) then stroll the shops. I have more fun watching the free street performers than I do shopping for trinkets. I plan on taking my camera, and hope to catch some fun photos. One day as I waited for mother to come out of a shop I noticed acute couple walking hand in hand towards me. Just as they passed me and a big box, a huge man jumped out of the box waving a tree branch yelling Boo!! The man of said couple jumped back but what made me laugh till I almost peed was that the woman screamed then ran down the block waving her arms in the air still screaming. The man and I laughed and laughed at the sight while the box man just stood there stunned he scared her that badly. I told the young man he really should go after his girlfriend as she was almost out of site, still screaming. I paid the box man $20.00 because it was one of the funniest things I had ever witnessed. Writing it down it seems mean, guess it was one of those “you had to see it” moments. Hopefully I see something funny and can take a picture; San Francisco is famous for their crazy street performers. I will need a break from all the tests that will be done on Tuesday and want good news afterwards. Let’s hope this time I will get what I want and what I need. I will be back Thursday with news and pictures.

I have loaded up my Ipod with Podcasts in case they let me use it while they do their tests. I am going to catch up on Star Talk hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson. I loaded up an episode from The History Channel’s short series Evolution (I guess I missed this on TV) and will bring Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere to read. See you soon!

Author: sarij

I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly rant, I mean wrap up”

  1. I confess I chuckled a bit when I read your comment about not watching Dr. Who anymore, now that they've changed to a younger doctor. I felt similarly when Christopher Eccelston was replaced by David Tennant. David Tennant grew on me, however, and now I don't want him to go. (It'll be a little while before I catch up to where you are in the show, so he's not dead yet for me.) I'm sorry you're not enjoying Stone Maiden. I'm not a big romance reader. I don't mind it if its a side story in a book I'm reading, but as the main course, not so much. That's just me though.I hope everything goes well in San Francisco, Sari, and you get that good news you are hoping for. And I sure hope you do get some great photos while you are in the city. That man in the box story is funny.You're in my thoughts and prayers, Sari!


  2. Sari,In some romances the author is good enough to write a lead female that feels like everything should be exactly how she wants and then a lead male that will tell her that's not the way it works. It's fun to see that unfold…I tried a few romances over the years before I ended up with one in my hand that was 'for me'. After that you have a better idea of what you're looking for. I guess what I'm trying to say is while this one may not be for you, I wouldn't recommend writing the entire genre off. I'll remember to mention ones I read that I think you may like.You have been in my thoughts all day my dear.


  3. Yes I was a bit surprised Matt Smith was taking over from David Tennant, he did seem a bit too young but he is very good I have seen him in a couple of other things, a politcal drama called Party Animals and an adaptation of Pullman's Sally Lockhart stories.With Stevan Moffat as the new exec producer I think Dr Who will definetly be worth watching, he is a fantastic writer.Boxman would scare me.Will be thinking of you, reagards health issue, thinking lots of positive thoughts. Not a fan of hospitals myself, they do inspire stress.Best wishes.Sharon


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