Sunday Weekly rant, I mean wrap up

Tiger Woods faces his public
Toyota faces mass recalls on many of its popular models but tries to bargain with the government over how many.
The Tea Partiers and Republican Party face of at CPAC convention with Ron Paul leading in the straw poll
It turns out Sarah Palin’s family is on Indian Government (socialized) health insurance
It snows across the country (again) and many uneducated (including Donald Trump) ask to have Gore’s Nobel Prize taken away
This isn’t a weekly rant rather it is a weekly WTF??   In the news each night this week there seemed to be something yet more weird and astonishing that the night before. By Friday I did not want to turn my television on as I was on overload. Let me recap
For my WFT or rant on Tiger see my Friday night post. Enough said.
As a Toyota Highlander owner I was a little concerned with the gas pedal issue. I am not really keen on having my pedal stick to the floor as I travel down our new but pointless highway (seriously who builds a two mile long stretch of highway and calls it progress?). What really concerned me is that my teen age son will panic and crash if the pedal sticks. Thankfully my model does not have the demonic “I’ll stop when I damn well want to stop” pedal. I am not one to easily panic or cry the sky is falling, but it seems night after night another Toyota part is found to be defective, yet Toyota is working with the government on a compromise over how many cars really need recalls. WTF? If you sold a defective product, you had better be prepared to fix the problem. Just don’t take your cues from Microsoft who replaced the OS workhorse XP with the processer killer Vista. Or maybe this is what Toyota wants. If you cannot sell a bunch of new cars, have people start replacing defective parts. Humm. Perhaps they do talk to Microsoft.
If you don’t follow Republican politics you may not find Ron Paul winning the straw poll as funny or relevant as I do. Ron Paul is a Libertarian who is no fan of either the Democratic or Republican party. Tea Partiers do not like Ron Paul because, hell I don’t know, because he makes some sense? Republicans don’t have much use for him either as he takes away conservative votes when he runs. So it was a surprise win over at the CPAC (which stands for The American Conservative Union, yeah I know the anagram makes no sense). This either means two things; the conservatives are split or Ron Paul has a big base. Either way this means the one person both the Tea Partiers and Republicans fear just won the conservative vote. WTF?
Now this may or may not be true: I saw the paperwork on Huffington Post and am having a hard time understanding how this can be. It seems Bristal Palin is fighting Levy Johnson over child support. In her affidavit it says their son has health insurance through the Alaskan Native American plan. What, wait? You have to be at least ¼ Native American to get this.. My father was half Cherokee but because hewas half not fully Cherokee I am not considered Native American. So how can Sarah’s grandson be? Todd Palin at times claims his mother is Yup’ik though when pressed he claims she is half. His grandmother is full Yup’ik. If this is the case his kids and certainly his grandchild should not be edible for benefits.  Besides this is a government run health care system. You know the kind of system Sarah claims is bad for the country. I guess it is good for her family but not for our families. WTF?
For the record, snow is weather; climate change is long term changes in our weather patterns. Global warming may even cause snow to fall when and where it normally does not. Here it is in a nutshell for those who may not understand (not you dear Readers, other people, they know who they are). When the atmosphere warms up it warms up the ocean. The Gulf Stream warms and if it warms enough (which is seems to be doing) the warm moist air rises. Moist warm air comes into contact with more warm moist and you have storm systems. This is why there are hurricanes in August in the Northern Hemisphere and Typhoons (same thing different name) in December in the Southern Hemisphere. These are the warm months. So if the warm air becomes warmer throughout the year we may see a shift in seasonal patterns. We have been warned we may start seeing stronger and more frequent hurricanes and typhoons.
 I am not saying our last two large snow storms are due to climate change, what I am saying is snow does not negate global warming. Cold weather is not proof Al Gore is a crack pot. It does mean those who think so can’t be bothered to learn a little science. Parroting something you heard on Fox News does not make you a climate change expert. But it does make me look at you and think WTF?
So dear Readers did you find something to rant about in the news this week? If so I want to know. I want to know if it is just me or has this been a weird week in news?

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I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

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