I need luck or a way to get rid of bad Juju

Quatrefoil [ˈkætrəˌfɔɪl]n

1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) a leaf composed of four leaflets

2. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) Architect a carved ornament having four foils arranged about a common center, esp one used in trace

Did you know Buffolo New York has a Gothic church? Yes, it is true. Here is a medieval style church window. I chose this because I need good luck and quatrefoil designs look a lot like four leave clovers. 


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What a week I have had! I am starting to wonder who I pissed off and what I can do to make amends.
Last Monday my son woke up in the middle of the night with flu symptoms; you know what I mean, no need to get graphic. I kept him home Tuesday hoping it was a 24hr thing as he father planned on visiting us for the first time since we moved here to Nevada. Alex has not seen his father in two years and I have not seen my ex-husband in five.
Thursday morning Alex had not gotten out of bed since Tuesday morning and had a temperature of 103. I practically had to beg the doctor’s office to let me bring him in. They assured me he probably had a viral infection; I was starting to think it was a lot more serious. Turns out it was not just the flu, it was the Swine flu! His fever had broken right after I called the doctor’s office (go figure) but still very weak. I was told he was on the mend but had to stay home from school one more day. With the Swine flu one has to wait 24hrs after having a fever before going out. After getting him home, I started for the phone to tell my ex about Alex’s illness only to have it ring; it was my ex telling me he was on his way. So, now I had a sick child and a visitor coming a day early. Okay, so this turned out okay. The first two days the men hung out and watched movies. We saw Avatar Saturday night and had a better time than I expected.
Sunday we headed out to Reno for a day of window shopping at a new mall on the water. Turns out I had a flat tire! On closer inspection, I had two flat tires! My tires are new, but just my “luck” I seemed to get two lemons. We got them repaired and continued with our day. After coming home Alex and his dad were outside playing with a remote control car Jon bought Alex years ago, back when Alex was a child and liked this sort of stuff. As they were working on the gas powered car Alex got gasoline in his eye. He did not let me know, just tried to wash it out himself. Hours later as we ate dinner I noticed his eye very bright and red. Oh hell, now he has Pink Eye went through my mind. I know it is contagious so I was trying to figure out how to nicely get him away from the table and into his room. All sorts of ideas started to go through my mind: I started counting how many things he had touched during the day and what I would have to clean. I was relieved to learn he did not have Pink Eye, but upset he tried to cover up his accident.  At least I did not have to disinfect the entire house!
Today I logged onto school to start my second week of learning about the South. To my chagrin I learned we are not working on a normal work week schedule.  Because it is a short semester course we are expected to log on at least three times a week for our discussion round table and our week starts on Saturdays! I was not working ahead of time, I am now two days behind! What in the world did I do to have such a bad week?
On the plus side, I am home today so I was able to get somewhat caught up at school and while the guys bonded this weekend, I broke down and bought Joe Hill’s Horns. I have not finished it yet, but will tell you if I had the weekend to myself I would have finished it in two sittings. I will write a review in the next couple of days. For now I am going to try to figure out who to appease and how to do it. I am done with all this bad luck. If any of my dear Readers have recommendations on how to get rid of nasty Juju I will gladly listen.

Author: sarij

I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

5 thoughts on “I need luck or a way to get rid of bad Juju”

  1. Sari– Sorry about your bad week. Swine flu is scary so glad your son is ok. What about the eye? Did you go to the doctor? You have me beat but here is a link to a similar post I did on my other blog that you might get a kick out of or at least know you aren't alone: http://dustyus.blogspot.com/2010/01/workin-off-da-bad-mojo.html Wish I knew how to get rid of the bad juju– I just worked mine off– one trial at a time– and more crap happened after my blog post.Funny, I was thinking the same thing: What did I do?Hope things continue to improve. Lesa


  2. You poor thing! What a week from hell!! I was thinking of you often this week and will continue to do so…though that may have been the cause of all the disasters! Great post though!


  3. Wanted to let you know you've been spotlighted on my blog and you also have received an award! You can come by and check it out if you so choose. Have a great night dear<3


  4. Lesa,Loved your blog. It made me chuckle. I am sorry you have had a bad week. As far as Alex's eyes, by the time I saw how red it was, he had pretty much taken care of it. I made him wash it out several times Saturday night and had it still bothered him Sunday, well..an emergency room trip would have been part of my week.


  5. Glad his eyes are ok and glad you had a chuckle. Yeah, that was a bad week but the only thing I could do was look at the absurdity of it all— better to laugh than to cry— or so I kept telling myself. 😉


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