Holiday Shopping and why I am thankful for what I have

It is a brisk early Sunday morning here in Western Nevada. We have been spoiled this week by unseasonably warm weather. Yesterday it was up in the 50s yet this morning it is only 32 degrees. I don’t mind really, as the high winds and warm temperatures have melted what little snow we had.  I can take the cold much more than I can the snow. My heart goes out to all my readers in the Midwest. You have been really hit this year!
As you may know, Nevada leads the nation in unemployment. We have something like 14%.  When you have a job this is just a number, but I found out yesterday what this number means for many in Carson City. Yesterday I decided to brave the crowds to finish my Christmas shopping.
I headed to Kohl’s, our largest department store. Kohl’s was having a morning sale with many items discounted up to 70%. Since I have three men to shop for I could not pass up this type of sale. (Can’t tell you what I bought as you never know who reads my blog.) I expected a huge crowd and was all psyched up to wait in long lines; the price one must pay for such deep discounts. Though the store opened at 6 I did not arrive until 8.
Imagine my surprise to see only a handful of shoppers! I was one of only three people in the men’s department. I had little trouble finding what I needed and had many areas to myself. I spent about an hour looking around and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I had a nice conversation with a young man looking to buy perfume for his mother.  This is so different from past years when I had to muscle my way through crowds, fighting for space.  There was no line to wait in, and because of the sale I was able to stay within my budget.  It is obvious Nevada is still in a deep recession, even the grocery store was quite for a Saturday after payday!
So now I have some really nice gifts for the Christmas tree, still need one more gift for my mom and tissue paper so I can finish wrapping, but other than that I am done shopping. I am thankful that I was able to buy as many gifts as I did (all in cash) and I am thankful for my job even as I whine about it. Today I will remind myself just how lucky I am while I trim the tree and finish my holiday decorating. I will continue to think about my readers who have to dig themselves out of the snow; I hope you all have some really nice books to read while you wait for the storm to pass.  

Author: sarij

I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping and why I am thankful for what I have”

  1. Wow…that is a huge deal, to have so few shoppers to share the store with. While I'm glad it made for a less stressful trip for you, my friends, I feel bad for those who are at home, feeling guilt that they will not be able to provide for their families this year…I also am feeling bad for those who are in the Midwest. Today it is raining and the temp is an easy 36 degrees. Which really isn't that bad. All the snow we got last week is melting. I was told we were suppose to get a nasty storm starting yesterday, but it never happened.


  2. I feel for them too. I can only hope many have already finished their shopping, but I do not think this is the case. The town was too quiet yesterday. The roads were empty as was the grocery store. Today I am going to the dollar store, we will see if anyone is out. Be safe over there. You never know if the storm is just taking its time.


  3. Wow– Sounds like a perfect shopping day— We shopped in Ft Smith Ark yesterday and it was a madhouse. I didn't know that about Nevada– hope the job situation improves.


  4. yes, for me it was a great day out, but it is getting kinda scary over here. You know it is bad when you get a parking space in front of the Dollar Store and don't have to wait in line. I ran over to the store this morning for wrapping tissue and bows; wow another empty store!Hope you had a great day yesterday and don't have to venture out too much more.


  5. Diane, this is surprising. Macy's empty during the month of December? Do you think people have done the bulk of their shopping already? 11% is high so maybe there is a lot of belt tightening in your area too.


  6. Hi Sari :)I'm here in the midwest where the temps have already dropped to the single digits, with sub-zero windchills and blizzard white outs. It's not even technically winter YET! Illinois' current umemployment rate is 9.8% – as bad as that is, I hate to imagine 14% :(Being a rural downstate area, we don't have the malls & such nearby, so I can't say one way or another how Christmas shopping has been impacted. Undoubtedly though, too many people will go further in debt or spend what they can't spare – making their situation even tighter. But like you, I'm VERY thankful for what I do have and am able to share with loved ones. I guess if there is ANY positive side to the economic crisis, we will certainly learn the hard way what is important and what is not. PS – We DO have a Dollar Store and it, Wal-Mart, thrift shops and such seem to have lots of bargain shoppers.


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