I am back! Carson CIty Toyota does not keep their promise

Hello dear Readers, I am back! I meant to start up again as soon as school was over but for the month I have been depressed and really unable to do much but fight for a refund promised to me.
have been depressed and really unable to do much but fight for a refund promised to me.
See, four years ago I bought a nice used Toyota Highlander from Carson City Toyota. Towards the end of the transaction I was talked into buying an extended warranty with a written promise that I would get my money back if I did not use it. I must stress, I was given a written promise on a Toyota brochure, which is why I bought it. When my warranty expired I went to Carson City Toyota thinking I would walk out with $1675.00. I was shocked to find out that they forgot to explain to me that my refund would come from a third party, a business that just went out bankrupt! The long and short of it is, the Attorney General’s Office and Insurance Commissioner’s office  believe I am owed the money by Carson City Toyota, but cannot force them to return my money. So, I am out a lot of money without an apology. If any of my readers live near me, do not buy from Carson City Toyota, as they lie and do not keep their promises. I feel okay knowing they are being investigated and may face problems down the road. As for me, I will not darken their door again and will make sure my area knows about their deceitful practices.
I have been reading, now that school is out I can read what I want. I have read two Bernard Knight books. He is a wonderful medieval mystery writer. I also read Paul Davies’ The Mind of God, a look at the mystery surrounding quantum physics.  Three days ago I received Felix J Palma’s The Map of Time (an ARC) and finally got my hands on The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. Soon I will have a couple of reviews and fingers crossed, an update on Carson City Toyota. I hope the general manager, the man who does not care about their customers, gets fired. I hope he ends up wondering how he will pay his bills.

Author: sarij

I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

1 thought on “I am back! Carson CIty Toyota does not keep their promise”

  1. Sari, this is just awful. You see if this happened to me I would be on a mission against the Toyota Dealership. Tweet about it, blog boldly about it and make sure as many people as possible hear what BAD BUSINESS practices they have.I hope u find some satisfaction.


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