The Skinny Rules Diet by Molly Morgan, a review

Pardon me, while I get on my soap box as I review Molly Morgan’s latest Skinny Girls book, The Skinny Rules, 101 secrets every skinny girl knows. We are a nation of lazy eaters. We would rather pop a frozen meal in the oven, or stop at one of several neighborhood fast food restaurants than prepare a proper meal. Because of this we are also a very fat nation. Most of us battle weight issues because of our diet of choice. I eat health, avoid red meat and fats yet because of my thyroid issues, I constantly curse my scale and tight jeans. When I was offered the chance to review Morgan’s book I did so because I wanted to find out if there was more I could do in my battle of the bulge.
Morgan starts her book with a definition of skinny that made me stop and think. She says a skinny lifestyle means you are eating right and exercising, being thin has nothing to do with it. The people who are thin, yet smoke, eat junk and sit around may be blessed with a great metabolism but they are not living a skinny lifestyle. I appreciated her take on this, as I know there are many people who are healthy even if they are not model thin.  Kinda makes you feel better about being a size 12 doesn’t it?
Morgan’s book is full of tips on how to avoid extra calories, the kind that seem innocent but over time can lead to weight gain and health issues. What fries? Go ahead if you want, but avoid the sugar laced ketchup.  Eat fresh veggies; just don’t douse them with Ranch dressing. She also claims that if you must eat out, fast food meals have fewer calories than sit down restaurants. Here I would argue that this may be so, but fast food has a lot more chemicals and preservatives and in the long run may be worse.
Like Michal Pollan, Morgan stresses the need for fresh food and to avoid frozen meals at all cost. It is best to shop the outer isles, stick with veggies, protein and dairy. Simple stuff, yet we do not seem to understand this anymore. We forgot just two generations ago there was no such thing as readymade meals, (unless you count tasteless TV dinners).  Morgan’s small rule book is a gentle reminder that skinny people eat a lot like our grandparents did.
As diet books go, I have to say this is one that makes a lot of sense and is easy to use as a guide; as long as you understand what may be needed is a lifestyle change not a quick diet plan.  If this book appeals to you I would suggest picking up Michael Pollan’s An Omnivores Dilemma, as it delves deeper into why a skinny lifestyle is best no matter what your size may be.   

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I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

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