Achilles and the Tortoise

Wow, I just finished a class title “Revolutions in Scientific Thought”. It was sold to students as a philosophical look at the history of scientific thought. As someone who loves history and science I assumed it would be a great way to end my first year as a graduate student. Oh, how wrong was I! It turned out to be a five-week crash course on scientific development; five weeks is to way too short to really absorb the developments of Aristotle to Einstein. Hell, five weeks is too short to absorb anything!

Trying to keep up and absorb 2000 years of scientific development in five weeks is one reason I haven’t been blogging as much as I promised myself I would. Another is that during this time, I have rarely had time to think of something to blog about and when I have, I didn’t like what I wrote. Sometimes I just don’t think what I have to say is fit to print.

I decided to spend some time reading various blog and magazine articles hoping to find a writing style that appeals to me. What keeps me interested, what keeps me reading? Finding a style that hooks me in will direct how I should write.

It turns out I enjoy articles that are comprised of small concise paragraphs, each a small article in itself, yet read together they tell a larger story.

I’d like to write so that my readers get something out of each paragraph. Of course I want my readers to continue reading the entire piece, but if each paragraph tells its own story the larger picture may not get lost in a sea of unnecessary words. No more “blah blah blah, get to the point! Each paragraph is the point. Does that make any sense?

The next time I have some witty or interesting to write about I will try this new “paragraph story” approach (I have not yet come with a good name for this style, I’m taking requests). For now I’m still trying to figure out the famous “Achilles and the tortoise”  paradox. Or at least try to figure out why this is considered a paradox; I am fairly confidant that given the opportunity, any one of us could over come a tortoise. If you have any thoughts about this conundrum I would love to hear it. I’d also like to hear about your approach to writing.

Author: sarij

I'm a writer, lifelong bibliophile ,and researcher. I hold a Bachelors in Humanities & History and a Master's in Humanities. When I'm not reading or talking about Shakespeare or history, you can usually find me in the garden discussing science or politics with my cat.

5 thoughts on “Achilles and the Tortoise”

  1. My advice to you is that you already have a lovely, engaging style. Don’t read magazines or other texts to improve it. Your voice is clear and readable. I always think that my best writing is that which I enjoy writing the most.

    Read my blog but keep your own style. I’m now following you!


  2. Thank you Mattin. I appreciate your kind words. Love your blog; anytime I have to stop and ponder a point I am excited!
    Not sure what my style is, that’s the problem. You are right, it is writing is best when it is fun, but sometimes I get in my own way. I will work it.


  3. I agree with Mattin, a human personality all it’s own is simply what the writer is engaged by, I think said in a way that is authentic for them. I remember bumping into your blog for the first time. I think I read two entries back to back I was very engaged by so I don’t think anything’s missing…


    1. Thanks godtisx. It always hard for a person to see themselves as others see them. I find I write better when I get out of my own way. Yet, as with everything in life, I always strive to improve.


      1. It is always difficult for us to see ourselves….but sometimes we can get a better understanding of it (which is helpful). 🙂 Yes, I can see that – am the same. Whenever I simply relax, the writing is way better. Nothing wrong with striving to improve, nothing at all. Just also, know where you’re strong. 😉


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