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As we get closer to the end of our celebration of Shakespeare Week, I thought now would be a good time to give a shout out to those who celebrate him everyday. I am bound to miss some good folks who dedicate their days to all things Shakespeare, but I wanted to make a list of people and institutions that quickly spring to mind when I think Shakespeare. I applaud them all and want to show some appreciation to their work.

Shakespeare Magazine The online magazine launched on April 23, 2014 and has quickly become a leading source for all things related to Shakespeare; whether you want to just keep up with the latest theater news or read a variety of Bard related topics they have you covered!

One of my favorite articles is an interview with Paul Edmondson titled “Man and Myth” in which he talks about his journey into the world of Shakespeare. If scholarly interviews are not your thing, don’t worry, Shakespeare Magazine loves to devote pages to Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. Do check it out. It’s a free online magazine, but if you find yourself eagerly anticipating the next issue, please support them with a donation.

Shakespeare Geek I follow a lot of blog and love them all, but I have to admit, this one is up there as one of my favorites.

Duane has been blogging about Shakespeare since 2005 and is the author of Hear My Soul Speak : Wedding Quotations from Shakespeare. I own and copy so I can attest to its originality and carefully chosen quotes. But this isn’t the reason to read Shakespeare Geek. Duane is always original and refreshing. You just never know what will spring forth from his mind. What I love most about this blog is how seamlessly Duane relates everyday occurrence to Shakespeare. You can also count on him to come up with silly posts and brilliant ideas on how to center every holiday on a Shakespeare theme. This past April Fool’s remains one of my favorites. We had a great time in Facebook coming up with ways to annoy our co-workers.

Hollow Crown Fans Ever Shakespeare fan with a Twitter handle should follow @HollowCrownFans. This is collaboration between friends that started as a mini fan club for Tom Hiddleston and the Hollow Crown series. They started the hash-tag game #ShakespeareSunday as part of their fan love, yet it quickly grew in popularity. It is now a regular Sunday ritual that most of us who follow HCF don’t dare miss. This above all other social media gatherings has introduced me to some wonderful people I now call friend.

Good Brain Tickle Damn, this is good! What started out as a fun outlet for Mya’s love of Shakespeare has turned her into a Shakespeare superstar! Though these be little comic strips they are fiercely funny and educational. Mya has proven herself to be a true Shakespeare scholar. Twice weekly Mya gives us a small slice of Shakespeare yet the lessons on his work are huge. I swear, this girl is a genius; how many people can use humor to show a deep understanding of Shakespeare? Not many; this is why Mya stands out and is becoming a real shinning star on the Shakespeare stage. One of my favorite strips was her Star Wars Midsummer’s Night Dream series. I dare you not to laugh. Hats of the Mya for being invited to participate in the Folger’s Library 400 Year Shakespeare Anniversary event.

Folger’s Podcast Speaking of Folger, one of my favorite podcast series is hosted by the library titled, Shakespeare Unlimited. The reason it’s titled unlimited is because there is no limit to what they will talk about. The podcast’s them is Shakespeare’s influence on the world as a whole. This podcast shows us that the all the world’s a stage, and Shakespeare a global phenomenon. Whether you are looking for a history lesson on Elizabethan street fighting or how Shakespeare influenced the punk rock scene, Shakespeare Unlimited is the place to be. And because it’s a downloadable podcast, you always get a good seat. And, let’s not forget everything the library does in celebration of Shakespeare.

And now, because it’s Friday, I give you one more list. This time a funny list of my favorite Shakespeare memes. Enjoy!


I once put this on the cover of a paper I did on Hamlet. My professor said he'd would have given my an A just or making him laugh
I once put this on the cover of a paper I did on Hamlet. My professor said he’d would have given my an A just or making him laugh


I was once in a class in which a student said, "oh I love Romeo and Juliet. It's such a great poem". I think of her every time I see this.
I was once in a class in which a student said, “oh I love Romeo and Juliet. It’s such a great poem”. I think of her every time I see this.


I want this on a T-shirt
I want this on a T-shirt

No money went into my purse in the making of this post.


My Dream, Social Media. What’s Yours?

In my perfect dream world I would wake up, have my morning coffee then jump on the computer to write my first article of the day. Then I would do some social media for my clients, take a walk ,write a second article and then connect with other writers, bloggers and authors, never once leaving my house. Of course, on nice days I would take my afternoon walk, but in my perfect world I would work from home. Instead I drag myself to a job of state billing and asking fire fighters for their paperwork.

I am frustrated day after day with my life. Not my personal life, no, just my work life. As I sit and listen to podcasts, and visit Twitter on my breaks I long to be a part of that world. Today, as I listened to Stuff You Should know, hosted by the wonderful Josh and Chuck, a thought occurred to me; am I frustrated because I am hovering on the edge of my perfect world?  Because I do participate in social media as much as I do, I want to jump in with both feet but, is this good for me because I can’t?

I love social media. I have had the pleasure of “meeting” some really great people. I have authors following me on Twitter, I have had conversations with Dr. Neil Tyson on Facebook, participated in Twitter talks and best of all, met some inspiring bloggers. All of this has taught me to enjoy technology but is also shows me what I am missing because I make a living doing something very unsocial. I sit in a cubical crunching numbers and plugging them in a data base.  As I work I can only sit and listen and watch as others do what they love and get paid to do it! As I listen to the podcast Stuff you should know, I wonder if I too could write an article good enough to be talked about.

I used to think I was born to late, I wanted to be a 60’s hippie. Now I think I may have been born to early. I have embraced the new technology and long to be a part of it. There are so many role models to choose from, I just know had I been born later, I would have finished college at a young age so I too could try my hand at social media.

Perhaps it would be better if I were more like my co-workers. Most of them have no idea what Twitter is and have never read a blog. They don’t wish they could write all day or post branding articles on Twitter. Then again many of them are unhappy, but do not know why or dare to dream of doing something else. Some  are content with their life and would never consider something else.

On the other hand, at least I have a dream and a plan. Once I am done with my degree I will try my hand at writing and will sell my passion for social media work. I graduate (with honors) in a few weeks , Over the summer I will try my hand at article writing. I will move on from editing others work part time to full out freelance writing.   if all goes right, I will look back at this time of my life as a learning experience, for I have learned what it is I want to do, and what I don’t.  I will leave number crunching to those who love math!

So dear Readers, do you have a dream? Is there something you would like to do and if so, what is stopping you?

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